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Stories of Karbala

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The happenings of the 10th of Muharram, also known as "Ashura", are some of the most significant yet overlooked events in the lives of the family of the Prophet (pbuh/t), the Ahlulbayt.  Imam Hussain (a.s.), the Prophet's (pbuh) grandson and 72 others gave everything they had to stand up against injustice and a tyrannical ruler. Join us as we explore this history and learn from the legacy of the Ahlulbayt (a.s.).

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Narrated Muhammad bin Udaid, narrated Shurahbil bin Mudrik, from Abdullah bin Nujayy, from his father, that he traveled with Ali , and he used to carry his purifying water.  When they were next to Nainawa on his way to Siffin, Ali  called, “Be patient Oh Abu Abdillah (the kunya of his son al-Hussain), be patient Oh Abu Abdillah by the banks of the Euphrates.  I [Nujayy] said, “what is this?”.  He [Ali] said, “I entered upon the Prophet  one day while his eyes were shedding tears.  I said, ‘what is it with yours eyes shedding tears?’.  He said, ‘Rather, Jibreel was here earlier and he told me that al-Hussain will be killed by the bank of the Euphrates and he [Jibreel] said ‘do you want me to provide you a sample from his soil [where he will be killed] so you can smell it?’ and I said ‘yes’.  So he extended his hand and he took a grip from the soil and gave it to me so I couldn’t help my eyes to fill with tears'”.  [Recorded by Ahmad, vol. 1, p. 85.]

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