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Islamic Finance

Dr. M. Yaqub Mirza is President and CEO of Sterling Management Group. He is also an Advisor to the Board of Trustees of the Amana Mutual Funds. Dr. Mirza is a member of the Board of Directors, University Islamic Financial Corporation, and is a member of the Board of Trustees, George Mason University Foundation, Inc. He holds a M.Sc. from University of Karachi, and a PhD in Physics and an MA in Teaching Science from the University of Texas at Dallas. He is the author, most recently, of Five Pillars of Prosperity: Essentials of Faith-Based Wealth Building (White Cloud Press, 2014). He teaches courses on Islamic finance and faith-based wealth building at TFI.

As we go through college and post-grad, our financial responsibility escalates, but how do we handle it Islamically? What is the extent of our knowledge when it comes to islamic finance? Are you looking to expand that knowledge?

Join us in Harnwell M10 on March 13th, from 7-8:30pm, where we will be having a conference call with Dr. Mirza in which he will give a lecture on how to manage your finances in accordance with Islamic jurisprudence.

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We hope to see you there inshaAllah!