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Zahraa Mohammed President

Meet Zahraa Mohammed, your President! Zahraa is a senior studying Health and Societies (HSOC). She lives in Philadelphia but is originally from Iraq! Zahraa hopes to provide a means by which to actualize the potential of each Muslim on campus and to create a community synonymous to home. When she's not doing presidential things for MSA, Zahraa is involved in Asian Pacific American Leadership Initiative (APALI) and Asian Pacific American Heritage Week (APAHW). She loves stories, whether they be hers or of those around her, and she loves creating poetry out of them- taking those aches and making them sing (:

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Iman Omer Vice President

Meet Iman Omer, your Vice President! Iman is a junior studying Health and Societies on a Pre-med Track. She calls Abu Dhabi home but she's ethnically Sudanese and it’s a big part of her identity. Her hope is that MSA will be a place where every single Muslim can find a community, regardless of their level of spirituality or their ethnicity/background. She is passionate about fostering a community, as well as providing the Muslim community with the spiritual resources they want or need. Apart from MSA, Iman is the Co-Chair of Faith Fund, and she was in African Rhythms as a drummer. She's learning Spanish and always looking for someone to practice with, so hit her up! Also, she love doing impersonations, even if she's not always good at them! She just loves to laugh, have fun, and experience new things.

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Ryanne Fadel Strategy Chair

Meet Ryanne Fadel, your Strategy Chair! Ryanne is a sophomore studying Finance and Operations Management. He calls East Orange, NJ home. What Ryanne hopes to contribute to MSA is enthusiasm and passion for being a Muslim and strengthening the bonds within our community by establishing a vision crafted by the insights and interests of our members. Outside of MSA, Ryanne is involved in Smile for School (his own non-profit!), a philanthropic fund, and any spontaneous outing! Challenge him to eating anything - he'll do it. Actually, challenge him to do anything. He's all up for trying new things/experiences!

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Abdul moiz munir Sohir Webmaster

Meet Abdul Moiz Munir Sohu, *takes deep breath*, your Webmaster! Abdul is a sophomore. Don't worry about his major. Home for him is Hyderabad, Lahore, Larkana, Karachi-- Pakistan. As an MSA board member, he wants to help provide ideas that maintain an MSA presence which is felt and known throughout the Penn campus as welcoming and fun-loving. Also, since his humor is (objectively) better, he'll be the greatest proponent for recreation. On campus, he is involved in the Daily Pennsylvanian (Video), 34 Street (Video), Penn FilmAid, and Kelly Writers House. Abdul adopted a stray cat and named it Musharraf (after Pakistan’s longest reigning military dictator)... it ran away :( Also, his taste in music is (objectively) supreme.

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Baktiar choudhury treasurer

Meet Baktiar Choudhury, your Treasurer! Baktiar is a sophomore planning to major in PPE inshAllah, with the hoping of working for Philadelphia City Council and creating public policy that will socially and economically rejuvenate Philly, the city he calls home. Two projects that Baktiar wants to work on as an MSA board member are making sure that there is a consistent availability of halal food to Penn Muslim students during the weekend, such an option does not yet exist, and he is also hoping to collaborate with others in creating some version of a Muslim residential program within KCECH. Outside of MSA, Baktiar does research at the Graduate School of Education. He is currently working on a project to modify the Philadelphia School Districts' curriculum regarding the teaching of inequity as well as civic engagement. For fun Baktiar likes to play 🏀 and is currently working on his vertical. Make Duaa that he is able to dunk by the end of his freshman year. Ameen.

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ammar lone Social Co-Chair

Meet Ammar Lone, your Social Co-Chair! Ammar is a sophomore studying Economics. Cleveland is his home til he dies, but so is the MSA. He wants the MSA to be a home for all Muslim students on campus. Whether you need advice, want to have some fun, or kick back and relax, he wants the MSA to be your first stop. On campus, Ammar is involved in Penn Social International Development, Penn Social Impact Consulting, and PURE (Penn Undergraduates for Refugee Empowerment). He once ate a whole box of peanut butter oreos in one sitting. If you ever wanna talk basketball or beat him in a game, he's down :)

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Tafshena khan Social Co-Chair

Meet Tafshena Khan, your Social Co-Chair! Tafshena is a junior in the School of Nursing, recently transferring from York College of PA. She calls York, PA and Detroit, MI home. As an MSA board member, she wishes to discover and provide ways to connect the dots in our lives-- our education and career path, family and friends, mental and physical health, hobbies and passions-- with the line connecting all of them being Islam. She also wishes for every Muslim on campus to have a sense of belonging here, to share in our journeys of listening and reading and questioning and speaking and becoming, to let our Muslim voices fill the spaces we occupy. Outside of MSA, she's involved in MIST (Muslim Interscholastic Tournament) and APALI (Asian Pacific American Leadership Initiative). Tafshena is passionate about art, social justice, and healthcare, and the intersections between them. You can find her drinking bubble tea or talking about drinking bubble tea. Also, puns are a pundamental part of her life.

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Wassim hassan Spiritual support chair

Meet Wassim Hassan, your Spiritual Support Chair! Wassim is a senior studying Philosophy of Science and Biology. He calls Chicago home. Through being an active member of MSA, he seeks to help fellow Muslims on their path to loving our Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) and to facilitate spiritual purification efforts on an individual basis. He also would like to increase Da’wah efforts and provide more resources for reverts. When he's not spiritually supporting the ummah, he does research at IDOM (Institute for Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism). Wassim is a transfer student from Dartmouth, and proclaims Penn is better. He can rant/discuss for hours and hours about anything related to Islam, and invites anyone to go to him with your questions or woes!

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Shaina zafar Outreach chair

Meet Shaina Zafar, your Outreach Chair! It's like China with a "sh". Shaina is a sophomore studying International Relations and Management. Home for her is Long Island, New York. As an MSA board member, she strives to increase our overall presence on campus and have interactive events that can bring the campus community together. She's often zipping around campus as she's involved in Intercol, Undergraduate Assembly, and APALI (Asian Pacific American Leadership Initiative). Shaina makes a playlist every year on her birthday, and it only has 365 songs. She can also talk really fast, like really really fast.

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Nancy Ibrahim Community service chair

Meet Nancy Ibrahim, your Community Service Chair! Nancy is a sophomore studying Health and Societies but she lowkey did medschool in high school #HealthcareAcademy. She calls Jersey home, but she's originally from Egypt. Through serving on MSA board, she hopes to bring together the Muslim community through mental wellness initiatives. She also hopes to broaden our network, both through interfaith work and community service in West Philly. Outside of MSA, she's involved in Penn Arabs, Penn Wellness, and GlobeMed. She did martial arts (karate, kickboxing, jiu jitsu) for eight years (so don't cross her) and she loves writing freestyle poetry and short stories whenever she gets the chance. You can often spot Nancy drinking obscene amounts of coffee with no regrets.

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Mohamed aly Islamic Inspiration chair

Meet Mohamed Aly, your Islamic Inspiration Chair! Mohamed is a sophomore studying Computer Science and Organizational Behavior. He calls Tulsa, Oklahoma home, gotta love the Midwest!! What he hopes to bring to MSA is positivity, a stronger sense of investment and pride in being Muslim, helping us see how Islam creates opportunities for us to be the best versions of ourselves, and just an overall light-hearted attitude. Mohamed loves cycling, especially to get around campus, and you can always catch him with a big smile!